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Apr 25, 2023

Two Characteristics of Great Engineering Departments

Deciding whether an engineering department rocks or sucks is surprisingly simple. Here are two simple characteristics to drive towards.

Apr 21, 2023

Architecture Decision Records

An engineering organization makes many decisions. Let's explore an approach that allows you to travel back in time and find out why decisions have been made in a certain way. That approach makes it also a lot simpler to think in a structured way about current challenges.

Apr 18, 2023

Two Characteristics of Great Managers

Managers have to very simple tasks. That way it is very easy to tell whether a manager does exceptionally well - or nothing at all.

Apr 1, 2023

The Role of 'Thanks' When Praising

There's a subtle difference between praising someone and saying 'thanks!'. Let's explore why it is better to say 'thanks' - usually.

Mar 23, 2023

What is the Fastest Way to Write to Sqlite from Java in 2023?

Sqlite is likely to the most widely used database system in the world. A lot of myths exist around inserting data quickly. Most of the performance recommendations seem to be outdated. Time to run some benchmarks on a recent version of sqlite!

Mar 20, 2023

Random Acts of Praise

There's some secret sauce that is used by the best leaders. One of the secrets is to praise where praise is due.

Mar 15, 2023

Jefferson Dinner

The Jefferson dinner is a great way to discuss topics with great minds. Simple to do and you should try it, too!

Jan 19, 2023

Dual Track Agile Success Patterns

If your product manager is close to a burnout and nothing gets done, then dual track agile might be the solution. Implementation is straight-forward, but there are some patterns you should follow to make it work.

Jan 2, 2023

Effective Meetings

Most meetings are a waste of time. Let's check out the best way to change that!

Dec 17, 2022

How to Make QA Work in Engineering

In many companies, a QA department is started with the best intentions. But after a while QA slows down the cycle time and complaints keep coming in. Let's talk about some patterns that work and that don't work when it comes to QA in engineering.