Dr. Raphael A. Bauer, MBA

IT Consultant | Interim Manager | Creator of things

  • Closing the gap between engineering and product development.
  • Agile change management, IT in- and outsourcing, turnaround management.
  • Track record of successful assignments for clients like SpringerNature, Macmillan and Zalando.


As an independent IT Consultant it is my ultimate ambition to enable rapid software delivery for sustainable business success. I focus on CTO / VP Engineering level roles, and combine that with past hands-on experience as Senior Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. I mainly work with clients in Berlin, Germany.

I enjoy leading IT projects and excel when it comes to challenging assignments: changing organizations from waterfall to a lean and agile culture, building up in-house IT capabilities from scratch, and turnaround management for projects in crisis mode. My goal is to foster a fearless culture that leads to highly motivated teams and great business results.

My clients include companies like Zalando, Springer, Zanox, Macmillan, Nature and Holtzbrinck, spanning industries as diverse as publishing, e-commerce and advertising.

The truth is that I am a deeply passionate about people and technology. I lead open source projects like Ninja (1800 Github stars), and love to develop software in a variety of languages.