Dr. Raphael A. Bauer, MBA

IT Consultant | Interim Manager | Creator of things

Quick facts


As an independent IT Consultant it is my ultimate ambition to enable rapid software delivery for sustainable business success. I focus on CTO / VP Engineering level roles, and combine that with past hands-on experience as Senior Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. I mainly work with clients in Berlin, Germany.

I enjoy leading IT projects and excel when it comes to challenging assignments: changing organizations from waterfall to a lean and agile culture, building up in-house IT capabilities from scratch, and turnaround management for projects in crisis mode. My goal is to foster a fearless culture that leads to highly motivated teams and great business results.

My clients include companies like Zalando, Springer, Zanox, Macmillan, Nature and Holtzbrinck, spanning industries as diverse as publishing, e-commerce and advertising.

The truth is that I am a deeply passionate about people and technology. I am author of the book "The Effective CTO" and lead open source projects like Ninja (1800 Github stars).